Should You Buy a Fat Bike?

Should You Buy a Fat Bike?

If you’re thinking about taking on some extreme terrain on two wheels, then consider Marlin Fatbikes.

If you’re not familiar with fat bikes, think of a two-wheeled monster truck with you as the motor.

Marlin Fatbikes will take you to places where none had dared before. Fatbikes have been around for more than a decade but have only captured the mainstream cycling world’s attention over the past couple of years because of their versatility and a rise in extreme adventure races.

Standard mountain bikes typically have a wheel width of a little over 2 inches; fat bike tires can be double that or more. The massive tires can also be ridden at dramatically lower pressure. The suggested most fill is to 25–60 psi, but the massive fat tires can run 10 psi or even lower. The lower pressure allows more of the tire to grip the ground under the rider’s weight, drastically increasing the rubber’s surface area and the acts as a suspension too on bumpy tracks. The squishier tires can also make for a much more comfortable ride on the trail.

Fat bikes make it easier to ride and you’re definitely going to get in a workout.

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